2010 Top 10 Most Exciting Cars

Are you shopping for a new car this year but feel like there are no interesting choices? Time Magazine has released a list of the 10 cars they think are the most exciting of 2010. Here’s their list:

1. Kia Soul
2. Hyundai Genesis Coupe
3. Ford Taurus SHO
4. Cadillac CTS Wagon
5. Jeep Grand Cherokee
6. Toyota Venza
7. Nissan 370Z
8. Suzuki Kizashi
9. Volkswagen Golf
10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Kia Soul picture

While the Grand Cherokee, CTS Wagon, Venza, Kizashi, Golf and E-Class are all new cars, there really isn’t anything exciting about them. The Grand Cherokee and E-Class are just refreshes of the same tried-and-true formulas.

Which brings us to the actually exciting cars on the list. The SHO, with its turbocharged V6 engine, is a pretty cool car, as are the Nissan 370Z and Hyundai Genesis. All three of those will be a blast to drive, and the only thing you’ll really need to consider is whether or not you have the self control to keep yourself out of jail if you’re driving them every day.

Which brings us to the Kia Soul, the funky subcompact that fills the gap left when the Scion XB ballooned up after its first generation. The Soul features cool features like lighted speakers that seem absolutely stupid to people who don’t get it. It’s too bad that nobody told Time about the Nissan Cube, which is in that same category and is even funkier.

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