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Nissan Skyline GT-R32

Manufacturer : Nissan
Production : 1989-1994
Assembly : Tochigi, Japan
Body Style : 2-door coupe
Layout : Front engine, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive
Transmission : 5-speed manual
Engine : 2.6 L l6
206 kW ( 276 hp )
266 lb.ft ( 361 N.m ) of torque

The Skyline GT-R “N1” model was introduced on July 19, 1991
was designed for home-market N1 racing with a total of 228 units produced.
The most notable changes was in the engine, which was upgraded to the
R32-N1 specification.
The car was also lightened by the removal of the ABS, air conditioning,
sound system, rear wiper, trunk carpet, & the use of light weight headlights. delivers news, pictures and information regarding latest Nissan cars.