Suzuki Swift Review and Pictures

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift Exterior Gallery


The new Suzuki Swift is a compact car that’s based on a fresh approach to design and development, delivers a driver and passenger experience that’s aimed at placing it in a class of its win, and has true worldwide appeal.


In contrast to the monoform styling adopted for many vehicles in the supermini category, the new Suzuki Swift has a 1.5-box style that communicates an unmistakable sense of dynamism and substantiality.


Suzuki Swift Exterior

Suzuki Swift consistently earned praise among European motorists who collaborated with the design programme.


Suzuki Swift Exterior


Suzuki Swift Exterior


Suzuki Swift Exterior


Suzuki Swift Exterior


Suzuki Swift Exterior


Suzuki Swift


Suzuki Swift






Suzuki Swift Interior Gallery


Suzuki Swift Interior

Inside the new Suzuki Swift, the driver enjoys an environment that reflects a focus on style, sportiness, and driving pleasure.


Suzuki Swift Interior

The wraparound look of the glass surfaces is continued in the cabin design, creating not only a chic look but also a feeling of involvement with the car and confidence in it.


Suzuki Swift Interior

Sporty features including a three-spoke steering wheel, a spherical shift knob, and an illuminated ring around the speedometer make driving even more enjoyable.

Suzuki Swift Video

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