Nissan India to introduce 370Z sports sedan

NISMO Nissan 370Z
In its bid to provide a more offerings to its Indian customers, Nissan Motor Company has decided to launch its new sports sedan named 370Z in India by January 2010.

NISMO Nissan 370Z
It is to be mentioned that Nissan would be the third such company to introduce its sports sedan after Audi which rolled out its R8 and BMW which is all set to bring in its Z4 roadster. The Nissan 370Z (known as the Fairlady Z in Japan) is a sports car manufactured by Nissan Motors.

It was announced on October 29, 2008 and was first shown at an event in Los Angeles ahead of the 2008 Greater LA Auto Show, before being officially unveiled at the show itself. The 370Z is the sixth-generation of the Nissan Z-car line, succeeding the 350Z.

“The new sports car model 370Z would be introduced in India from January and shall be third in the series of fully imported cars launched here, after Teana and X-Trail,” company spokesperson Suresh Rangarajan said. The company has plans to introduce four models in India under its fully imported category cars, and is yet to decide on the fourth model, he said, adding, “Though the market for sports car in India is limited now, but we think over a period of time, the market for such cars will increase,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nissan Motor India Private Limited (NMIPL), a 100 per cent subsidiary of Nissan Motor, Japan is all set to launch its compact car Micra in May 2010. The India plant would produce the first two models on the V-platform, and we are yet to decide on the third model. V-platform vehicles would be produced in Thailand, China, Mexico apart from India.

In India, the local content in this car would be is around 85 per cent, with a fractional portion of them being sourced from China.

NISMO Nissan 370Z

Nissan has global market share of 5.67 per cent and targets to achieve 5.5 per cent market share in India within 3 to 5 years span post launch of manufacturing facility at the upcoming plant in Chennai, by May 2010.

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