HOT Nissan’s New Electric Car

The Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan, announced today it’s latest electric car prototype, a model similar to the existing car, Tiida, with improved performances. The car’s design will be made public on the second of august, at the company’s HQ from Yokohama.This zero-emission car will be available in the USA and Japan next year, with plans for the European market for 2012. It will be a five-seat family hatchback with four doors .

The new electric car will be powered by a 24 kW/h lithium-ion battery, placed in the front of the vehicle, which provides their own-made electric motor with energy. The engine is capable of producing 80 kW(107 HP), equal with 206 pound-feet of torque which can push the car to a maximum speed of 140 km/h (87 mph). No information about the battery recharging time has been revealed by the company’s officials yet.

The main reason why electric cars still haven’t taken the “big step” and go globally commercial is the battery. The first electric car models from Nissan needed 26 minutes, provided with 440 volt of electricity, to charge the battery 80 percent. delivers news, pictures and information regarding latest Nissan cars.

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