Hot Lamborghini Reventon Review

Lamborghini Reventon for hot

Based on the Murcielago concept, Lamborghini created Reventon at Saint’Agatha, Italy wich heads straight from the spotlights of Frankfurt motor show halls.Moreover, the clientele is limited and the price varies around $1.365.

Hot Lamborghini Reventon Review

Its engine is powered with 650hp at 8000rpm,right coveted 100-hp/liter mark and 10hp more than the LP640-which dates back from Lamborghini pre-Miura days, even if claims the same speed and acceleration numbers as the Lp640.

 Lamborghini Reventon

Recent reports indicate Lamborghini will cost nearly $1.6 million — significantly above the Murcielago $300,000 MSRP. In fact, anyone who wants the car has been asked to put down a deposit of nearly that amount.


Called the Reventon, this new variation on the Murciélago takes its name, in the Lamborghini tradition, from a fighting bull. It is being billed as the company’s most expensive and extreme supercar ever, and for the 20 ‘friends and collectors’ who’ve placed deposits on the entire limited production run, life with a Murciélago will never be the same again.


Though the Reventon ticks every box in the Murcielago’s options list ,like carbon ceramic brakes,forged-aluminium wheels with fiber inlays,no panels are shared with the LP640-only the side mirrors have been carried over from it.


To be a little disappointed in the Reventon, however, is to know the Reventon well. Lamborghini hawks the car as an all-new, world-beating model-one befitting a sticker price that’s more than triple that of any other production Lamborghini-but in reality, it’s little more than a tweaked and rebodied Murciélago LP640.


It might look expensive, and it might be expensive, but it’s ultimately not as get-your-hopes-up ridiculous as its price would make you think.

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