Nissan Leaf Car

 In the 1985 movie “Back to the Future,” Christopher Lloyd has trouble fueling his DeLorean car after altering it to run on plutonium. Today, Tomoyasu Fujii has the same problem after converting his DeLorean to electric power.

Fujii’s 1981 DMC-12 has a lithium-ion battery that takes four hours to charge, so he only drives it on weekends and recharges it at a local workshop. That’s also a hurdle for Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn, whose electric Leaf, unveiled this month, joins battery-powered designs from Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.

Nissan’s Ghosn estimates that by 2020, electric vehicles will make up 10 percent of the market — about 65 million units last year. Lack of fast-charging stations on roads and at home is one of the key challenges makers must overcome.

The Japanese carmakers join California’s Tesla Motors Inc., whose $109,000 Roadster is the only electric car sold in the U.S. approved for highway use. More battery-powered models are on their way as governments implement stricter C02 emissions regulations and seek to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s largest carmaker, plans to introduce an electric car in 2012 and General Motors Co. aims to start selling the Chevrolet Volt by November 2010.

Nissan fell 1.6 percent to 678 yen at the close of trading in Tokyo. The stock has more than doubled this year.

Also, electric cars are more expensive, mostly because of the lithium-ion battery. The i-MiEV is priced at 4.6 million yen ($48,300) and the Stella at 4.7 million yen. Toyota’s third- generation hybrid Prius, which uses both battery power and gasoline, starts at $22,000. delivers news, pictures and information regarding latest Nissan cars.

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