2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

No longer a Lotus spinoff, the Model S is not only an all-new model based on an all-new chassis, it looks extremely good too. Long and sleek, classically proportioned yet uniquely modern, it appears that ex-Mazda designer Fritz van Holzhausen has created what is needed stylistically to woo premium buyers into the ultra-green camp.

In order to make any electric car viable in the real world, range has to exceed mere commuting capability and extend into weekend jaunts to the country. To that end, the Model S should excel with a choice of three range packs that start at 257 km (160 miles), reach a median of 370 km (230 miles) and top out at 483 km (300 miles), the topmost model featuring 440-volt charging and the lesser models featuring 110- and 220-volt power sources respectively. A quick charge can be achieved in only 45 minutes, while a full charge will take up to 4 hours via a 220-volt plug; a connection to North America’s 110-volt household current will take longer.

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