2010 Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL in 2010

2010-Mercedes-Benz-Bclass.jpgMercedes-Benz starts its first row-produced fuel cell car on the road: new B – category F-CELL. The pollution free electrical car has better an achievement, than a 2.0-Liter-Treibstoffauto similar is and completely for daily driving is corresponded. Zero emission the heading for system uses the equivalent of 3.3 litres of Diesel per 100 kilometer in the NEDC. Production of B – category F-CELL begins late 2009 with a small lot.

The B-category F-CELL takes row production conditions on an innovative role, like the first fuel cell of the world under propelled to be produced automobile, �, says Dr. Thomas Weber, Mitglied of the supervisory board of Daimler AG, responsible for group research and development for Mercedes Benz cars. The technological heart of the carrier is new production of the contract to produce high performance fuel cell system, in which gaseous hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen at staff 700 reacts, in order a river for the electric motor. The fuel cell system of B – category F-CELL has a very good Cold engine even at the temperatures, which are as low as minus 25 degrees Celsius. The heading for system was completely again-developed against the F-CELL in category, which was represented 2004, if Mercedes Benz engineers obtain considerable improvements, in the exit, in the torque, instrument range, reliability and began to characteristics and comfort. The B-category F-CELL now offers a driving of the pleasure and the everyday life suitability at horizontally aligned Mercedes – without local to emissions. As in the half-breeds with burn machines, uses fuel cell the car a Lithiumionbatterie with an exit of 35 kilowatts and a capacity of 1.4 KW/H to load energy and recover braking energy.

2010 of Mercedes-Benz B-Class-rearside.jpg
Lithium ion technology offers some advantages over conventional batteries, including compact measures, high speed, large reloading efficiency and a long service life. – Category F-CELL the singular sand yielding floor architecture uses the b, which admits far away of a and of the B-category is.

The advantage of this draft is that the drive components are in the sand yielding floor, in which it protected and much area will not take up, so that the interior of the carrier remains completely usable and is present a loading capacity of 416 litres.2010 of Mercedes-Benz B-Class-fcell.jpg
The concept contains expertise of experience of many years Mercedes-Benz has had with fuel cell carrier drives and applications of high voltages.

However a complete net of the hydrogen gas stations must be still created, before at the place zero emission can become driving wide-spread reality. In order to form this possible, Daimler with government authorities, energy utility programs and oil companies co-operates with the community projects with the places such as Hamburg, Stuttgart and California.

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