Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon revealed LIVE in 2010

Cadillac trotted out the 2010 CTS Sport Wagon here in Monterey and after seeing it in person, we’re fans. It’s edgy, smooth, finned (the roof rails) and sleek all in the right proportions. And for the States-siders, the 263 hp V6 will allow the wagon to hold its own off the line. While there’s plenty of room in the back (note: it is a sport wagon) the car itself is quite compact. A 6’4″ colleague couldn’t fit in the front seat without bumping his head on the panoramic roof. And for folks at about the 6’0″ mark, things get really cozy in the back seat. But you didn’t buy a wagon because you wanted a full-sized sedan, did you? If you’re in the wagon market, check it out when it comes to a dealer near you.

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