2010 HOT Audi R8

Audi r8

A V10 Audi R8  has been rumored for months, ever since the Lamborghini on which it is based got a high performance V10 in LP560 trim based on the 10 cylinder motors from the Audi R8 S6 and S8. For Audi R8 ‘s halo supercar R8 model to carry a smaller and less powerful engine than the German luxury brand’s huge, cushy and overstyled largest luxury sedan was an injustice not fitting to the R8’s incredible capabilities and styling.

Prime among the first-time offerings–and a symbol of Audi’s drive to the top–is the new-for-2008 R8 coupe, a two-seat mid-engine cruise missile based on the wedgy-edgy Gallardo by Lamborghini, the legendary Italian marque that Audi took over about a decade ago.

The car features a high-end damper technology as standard: Audi magnetic ride adapts the characteristics of the suspension in milliseconds to the nature of the road surface and to the driving style.

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