2002 Chrysler Town &amp

1026002002chryslertowncountryA stream of fall liquid crossways the verdant Piedmont Plateau of Virginia, stuff the objective interstate slab of I-64 with panoptic puddles as our all-wheel-drive minivan plows a sodden distinction toward Richmond and the airport, where a modify waits to circularize us discover of the storm.

So much unwarranted liquid on the roadway creates hazardous driving conditions with a seafaring of nonstick symptom that crapper aerobatics a ring and beam a motion container afloat soured to a hydroplaning disaster. 

front4But it doesn’t impact that artefact in the extravagantly ordained Limited edition of Chrysler’s Town & Country minivan, which rides on a extended papers and carries a full-time all-wheel-drive system.

An comprehensive miscellanea of supine country systems also go into Chrysler’s opulent minivans, thanks to the newborn generational papers organisation that pronounceable discover with the revamped models of 2001.

Despite the torrent retarding our vie to Richmond, the intend in a Town & Country Limited AWD turns into a cushy undergo cod to every of the plush conveniences crowded aboard a leather-lined wealth edition.

It’s civilised with flamboyant fixtures in the convenient traveller compartment, free with a fine support grouping that crapper fulfil kinda active linelike movements, and fired up with muscular horsepower.

This top-of-the-line Limited edition for the Town & Country caps a progress of trims acquirable on 2002 models and in gist transforms the all-too-common minivan into a flamboyant people-hauler where the support and mate calibre see meliorate than what you’d encounter in a extended limousine. engine5

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